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The Best Care for Your Best Friend

Leafields Retreat whole heartedly want only the best for our “best friends”, and we believe that a “healthy gut” plays a significant part in our dogs welfare.

From personal experience of dealing with a dog struggling with environmental allergies and confirmed blood test results confirming allergic to dead dust mite in any kibble based dry food, we “filled” our dogs with medication, to try to break the flare ups resulting in raw broken skin, chewing of her paws and constant rolling on her back to relieve the pain.. it brings a tear to my eyes as I write recalling her agony !

After a couple of years of opening we received an enquiry from Mr Rex, a dachshund interested in daycare. Mum pasted us as she went to work less than 2 miles away, and was keen to socialise her new pup. During the familiarisation session, which were lead by my our old girl Miss L, we chatted about all things dogs… it was our moment of euphoria, Mr Rex was only the MD of Healthy Dog Foods Ltd (Salubrious), a brand new COLD PRESSED dog food was being developed 5 minutes from us…. 5kg sample bag was dropped off the next day, and our Miss L saw almost instant improvement in her health… within 4 weeks, we stopped all medication, the itching was significantly reduced and we felt such relief…..

Our Miss L sadly visited dog heaven last year, unfortunately Cancer is the main cause of death for dogs, and unfortunately for us Salubrious Cold pressed food nor the link with the cooking process & cancer was appreciated…. so pleased our three now are 100% Salubrious dogs, no ACRYLAMIDE welcome here.

Why do cattle, horses, sheep & pig get feed COLD PRESSED feeds and not KIBBLE?
So why ok for your dogs (& cats)?

Cold pressed pallets are simply created as described.. no excessive heat used in the manufacture resulting in NO ACRYLAMIDE.

So this is how we became stockist as well as gaining an invaluable member of our team.. Becky.

Sadly the marketing of kibble based foods reaches far and wide, and become accustomed to believing mass produced, long life (usually 3-5 year shelf life) kibble foods contain all the nutrients & FRESH ingredients (well the packaging has a photo of fresh food on it, so must be true !) our dogs require for a healthy long life !

Marketing is effective that we see so many different types of the same brand for a different breed, age & weight !! But whats really the difference ?

Salubrious offer two products:

  1. Chicken with grain 
  2. Lamb without grain 

Interested in learning more or contact us for a 1-2-1 chat with Becky.





100% Natural Dog Treats, for the added benefits:

  • Improve life expectancy by preventing obesity and related diseases (did you know a dental stick for a dog was similar to you & I eating a chocolate bar a day to clean our teeth)
  • Dental health, reducing plaque & tartar
  • Improved digestion, skin, coat, nails  – 100% natural ingredients – no added “nasties”
  • Reducing allergies  & sensitives as no artificial additives and preservatives

Would love to hear from you to discuss your individual requirements, please say hello!